Turtleback supports recycling.

Recycling creates new products, conserves natural resources, reduces energy use and means less trash in the landfill. Almost every container/bottle can be recycled. Teach your children the importance of recycling as well as raising money for the school.

We accept all of the following (recycling must be empty and clean)

    • Beverage containers labeled with: “CA CRV” or “CA CASH REFUND”
      Bottles and aluminum cans
      Glass: Any glass food container (soda, beer, pickle jars, wine
      bottles, etc.). No broken glass.
    • Milk and water containers
    • Printer toner ink cartridges

Bring them any day to our recycling containers in blue round barrels at the back of the school parking lot (basketball area). Be sure to mark your bags/boxes with your child’s name/grade/teacher to be thanked by him/her in one of our future announcements.

Thank you to our Green Team students for helping our recycling program year after year, and also to the Cub Scouts Pack 685 for helping us sort our recyclables.

We want to thank our collection partner, Utgard Construction, for sponsoring this project.


Green Team Recycling Program!

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