To provide enrichment and opportunities to all Turtleback students to foster their academic, social and emotional growth.

Like many school districts , the Poway Unified School District (PUSD) has experienced significant funding reductions from the State of California. In fact, since 2008, PUSD funding has decreased by $30 million, resulting in larger classes, fewer teachers and diminishing resources for our students. And the situation is likely to continue to decline.

At Turtleback, these cuts have produced:

  • A shorter school year (by one week)
  • Larger class sizes
  • Significantly limited funding to purchase new books for the library
  • Minimal funding for school supplies and curriculum materials
  • Elimination of school counseling services
  • Inability to maintain campus and play areas or to upgrade them
  • Lack of STEAM programming

The Turtleback Education Foundation is working tirelessly to raise funds to offset these cuts in order to preserve the core education at Turtleback and to leverage teacher time with students.

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