Turtleback Terrapin Trot: May 1-9, 2021

This fun, family event replaces the APEX Fun Run and will raise funds to support art, music, STEM and enrichment programs at Turtleback Elementary for all students.

Our school goal is to raise $15,000. Registration is free. Mr. Carlin, Ms. Magill, Little T, and the Professor are ready… how about you?

Check out the Fab Four in our Terrapin Trot Kick Off Video: https://youtu.be/-HARUFm4S3k

For those families who are interested in participating, parents can register students via the parent registration link or the school webpage link below.

Parent Registration Link: https://www.getmovinfundhub.com/register?school_uuid=60199bd6a9e32

School Webpage Link: https://www.getmovinfundhub.com/event-webpage/60199bd6ac4cc

We are excited to use FundHub, since it will allow us to raise funds for the Terrapin Trot via social media (Facebook and Twitter), email AND text message — so friends and family from all over the world can make donations! For those who prefer check donations (and to give the school a little more money) we will have the option for check drop off at school.

– Getting Online and Registering: Slap Bracelet
– $10: SCIONE Sensory Ball
– $25: Galaxy Slime Putty
– $50: FundHub Pedometer
– $100: Kona Ice Kiddy Kona (Kona Ice Truck comes to School)
– $150: Virtual Glow Workout/Dance Party with Glow Accessories
– $200: Superstar Status: Surprise Socially Distanced Experience: All students that raise $200 will be invited to a Virtual recognition ceremony with Mr. Carlin (15 min) AND the opportunity to have lunch with their teacher (socially distanced for in person kids and zoom for VLA).

During the week of May 3rd, we will start distributing prizes in class to students who are learning in person. For VLA students, we will try to coordinate with their teacher’s material pick up and/or have a VLA pick up day. Details are forthcoming.

Turtleback Elementary School keeps 100% of any check donations for the Terrapin Trot.

Checks should be addressed to the Turtleback Education Foundation. The check should list the student’s full name, teacher, grade and Terrapin Trot in the memo section of the check AND it should be placed in a sealed envelope with the same information on the outside — the student’s full name, teacher, grade, and Terrapin Trot.

Please drop these checks off at the front office. Checks will be picked up from the front office and manually enter into the Fundhub system twice a week.

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